Do you have some helpful tips and kernels of wisdom to encourage and enlighten our online community of proud, dedicated parents and teachers? Are you eager to share some insight and help other parents build lasting and meaningful relationships with their little ones? Would you like to be featured on our parenting blog? If so, please send us your articles!

Chelsea’s staff happily welcomes you to contribute!

Guidelines for Guest Contributors

If you are interested in submitting an article to the blog, please abide by the following post specifications:

  • Word count: 500+
  • Short bio at end of post (with any site or social media links included)
  • Any relevant media (e.g., image or video) attached; at least one hi-res image (500 x 300 pixels) with proper attribution to be used as the feature image

Please, email all files to the blog administrator.

Your article will be reviewed by our team soon after submission, and our managing editor will contact you within the week if your piece is a good fit for our site. We prefer original writing over previously published material, but we are willing to consider older pieces provided that the content be relevant and worthy of a repost.

Topics of Interest

  • Parenting tips/advice, motivational stories, etc.
  • Current events/trending news
  • Children’s book lists
  • Seasonal/holiday interests
  • Tech and media, new apps for kids, TV and movies, etc.
  • School and education, learning, etc.
  • Health and fitness, nutrition, sports, etc.
  • Mindfulness, teaching empathy, etc.

The Chelsea Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and is registered with Georgia’s Secretary of State.


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