5 Fantastic Coloring Books for Kids

For those summer days spent indoors, here are some beautiful coloring books to keep young artists busy for hours!

By A. Noelle


Mindfulness Coloring Book for Children: A Fantastic Introduction to Mindfulness for Children by The Future Teacher Foundation, All Ages

The Mindfulness Coloring Book for Children is more of a soothing experience rather than a simple activity book, chock-full of calming shapes and patterns that help to enhance a peaceful sense of well-being whilst encouraging concentration skills and mindfulness. (Perhaps the perfect little distraction for overactive little ones with little or nothing to help them expend their energies between summer outings and day trips!) Every page can be removed so that you can frame or display your children’s finished masterpieces to further develop mindfulness and a sense of pride in the coloring and creating.

Similar titles by The Future Teacher Foundation

Mindfulness Coloring Book For Children 2: A Calming Mindful Coloring Experience For Children Of All Ages (Also includes a deep breathing and self-awareness based mindfulness activity for children)

Mindfulness Colouring and Creativity Book for Children: To enhance creativity and mindfulness in your child

Geometric Mindfulness Colouring Book: Relax, Unwind and Refocus – Mindfulness Art Therapy


Harry Potter Coloring Book by Scholastic, Ages 8 – 12

Parents can never go wrong with the Harry Potter Coloring Book! Intricate illustrations and elaborate designs invite children into the wondrous wizarding world to explore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Forbidden Forest, and more. Children will encounter elaborate illustrations of magical creatures, iconic scenes, and full-color art pages from the films!

Similar titles from Scholastic to complete the collection

Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters Coloring Book

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book


My First Mandalas Coloring Book by Anna Pomaska, Ages 3 – 8 years

This beautiful coloring book presents little artists with 30 large, simple recreations of mandalas, one of the oldest art forms used to help heal people. Children can lose themselves in the symmetrically arranged patterns of hearts, moons, suns, insects, unicorns, geometric designs, and much more.


Let’s Color Together: A Shareable Coloring Book for Parents and Kids by Margaret Peot, All Ages

A simple, artistic past time for parents and their kids! Let’s Color Together features enchanting illustrations that are specifically designed for two people to color and enjoy at once. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect, create, and have some fun with little ones.

Similar titles by Margaret Peot

Let’s Color Together: Secret Worlds: A Shareable Coloring Book for Parents and Kids (Coming soon! November 2016)


Mermaids: Coloring Book for Adults & Kids (Vol. 1) by Aada Baldwin, All Ages

This fanciful coloring book contains whimsical mermaid drawings, so detailed and intricate that parents and children will be sure to enjoy countless hours of coloring, bonding, and relaxing. A Kindle version allows parents to print out multiple copies of specific pages so that kids can continue to create unique versions of their favorite illustrations.

Similar Titles by Aada Baldwin

Mermaids: Coloring Book for Adults & Kids (Vol. 2)

Elephants: Adult Coloring Book (Just for parents!)

Wildlife: Coloring Book for Adults & Kids

Happy Coloring!


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