Good Summer Reads for Kids

Reading is a great way to kick back and relax. Who doesn’t love to unwind after a long, sunny day? Luckily for us, reading is also another way for parents to connect with their tweens. In this day and age, it might be difficult to unglue your tween from their phones and glue them to a novel, but here are some fan-favorite books that’ll surely captivate them.

By Melanie Phounsavath

Summer Reads Chelsea Foundation 1

I could say that I don’t have every single Nancy Drew Mystery Stories book in my bookshelf, but that would be a lie. When I was a tween, Nancy Drew was the first protagonist I fell in love with. I practically wanted to be her when I grew up! Sadly, things didn’t work out for me. Understandably, nothing can replace the original sleuth with her headstrong sense of adventure and determination to solve a case. Each book in the series combines girl power, adventure, and mystery all in one. Oh, the memories.

Summer Reads Chelsea Foundation 2

Another classic. A Series of Unfortunate Events follows three siblings, the Baudelaire orphans. Book after book, misfortunate and downright bad luck surround the siblings. Though the series has been criticized for its dark humor and themes, reviews have generally been positive over the years. A true fan-favorite, A Series of Unfortunate Events presents an entertaining read for tweens.

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I read this book four years ago, but its story still lingers with me today. Tuck Everlasting is a beautiful coming of age story that explores the complex concept of immortality. The book follows Winnie, a 10-year-old girl whose life is sent topsy-turvy when she meets the Tuck family, who just happen to be immortal. As Winnie connects with the family, she’s met with a tough decision that will stick with her for the rest of her life. Though I’m all for the laugh out loud comedies, this book is one heartfelt, touching story that you just can’t ignore.

Summer Reads Chelsea Foundation 4

Another mystery series—can you tell I was a bit obsessed? While I like to say that I love all my favorite books equally, there is no doubt that Gilda Joyce was the first on that list. Again, I fell in love with this physic investigator. Her quirky, colorful personality combined with an impulsive and determined sense of adventure proved for an amazing series. Each book surrounds an intricate and complex paranormal mystery, no match for the likes of Gilda Joyce, amateur sleuth. If you’re looking for a laugh or an intriguing paranormal mystery to sink your teeth into, this series is my number one recommendation.

Summer Reads Chelsea Foundation 5

Parents, I’m sure you remember this one. The Giver is the first utopia novel I remember reading (and I’ve read a lot in my time). I was just so fascinated with the idea of such a different society and how the role of young tweens reflected that. The concept of coming of age and the journey of self-discovery stand out in this book. While this inspiring, heartfelt novel is a great read as a stand-alone, I also recommend reading the rest of the series.

And there we have it! Some of our favorite tween books from a variety of genres. Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know what other great reads we can recommend in the future!

Until then, happy reading!

Melanie Phounsavath is a North Carolina native with a passion for all things reading and writing! A student, pianist, tennis player, and cupcake enthusiast are also included in the job description.


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  1. Jesse Fink

    You have really grown up. It’s a pleasure seeing stuff like this come from you.

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