Resetting Fall Routines: 5 Ideas for Parents

The changing of the seasons means a change in routine for most families. Earlier bedtimes and jam-packed daily schedules replace the carefree attitude of summer, which can mean more stress for parents. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy a happier autumn season with the kids.

By A. Noelle

Resetting Fall 1

1. Stay positive.

Now that the kids are back in school, chances are you’re days will be filled with homework help, test prep, after school clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. So it’s important to keep a positive mindset while you’re shuffling the kids off from one school event to the next. Before you start your parenting duties, jot down a few things that you’re grateful for on a notepad or a journal to conjure up some positive vibes that will help keep you calm and collected throughout the rest of your day. Remember to acknowledge and appreciate the joyful moments in your everyday life!

Resetting Fall 2

2. Wake up earlier.

It’s a good idea to stay organized while you’re trying to maintain a busy schedule this fall, but remember to make some time for yourself. You might want to try getting up a littler earlier than the rest of your family to meditate, stretch or do some yoga, or even take a short stroll outdoors to breathe in some fresh air before the hectic events of the day start. After a good night’s rest, spend some time in the morning to charge up for the day ahead.

Resetting Fall 3

3. Turn off the media.

Since you may have so many other obligations to attend to this season, adding a mix of media drama into the fray may not be such a good idea. Pamper yourself with a bit of social media detox. Take a breather from your electronics and find new ways to relax on your own or with your family. Get the kids out of the house for some healthy exercise, or explore nature’s beauty together by going on a hike over the weekend. Collect pine cones and acorns to decorate your house for fall, or get crafty with an art project. Pick some apples and bake an apple pie in the afternoon. Carve some pumpkins in preparation for Halloween, and bake the seeds. Bundle up with the kids indoors and fill your house with the scents of fall. Start enjoying all that the season has to offer!

Resetting Fall 4

4. Read more.

Schedule in some reading time! Fall is a wonderful time to get wrapped up in a good book along with your favorite cup of tea or coffee—like a pumpkin spiced latte. Encourage your little ones to read more by visiting your local library or bookstore whenever you have a free afternoon. Whether it be a children’s book with tangible pages or an ebook stored on your iPad, read it to your kids and engage them in the story. Create a teaching moment with this fun and relaxing activity to help prepare those eager little minds for school. Check out our top picks for the season here!

Resetting Fall 5

5. Write a heartfelt letter.

Reconnect with someone who was once close to you and your family by writing them a letter. Opt for pen and paper instead of a keyboard, and take the time to write out your thoughts. Let the kids write their own letters to someone close, a friend or a relative, and make the messages meaningful by adding something extra like a photo or a new kid-friendly recipe for cinnamon sugar cookies. For more inspiration, check out!


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