3 Ways Kids Can Give Back During the Holiday Season

Is your child interested in helping others out over winter break? Do you want to make your child’s next winter birthday celebration a truly memorable event that brings positive changes to the community? Apart from soup kitchens and the usual donation drives, here are a few unique ideas to help you motivate your little helpers to volunteer and spread joy around the neighborhood or at a non-profit organization this winter.

By A. Noelle

1. “Kitchen Table” Family Service Projects

3 Ways Kids Can Give Back During the Holidays A Noelle Chelsea's Blog

Photo: jeffsmallwood via Flickr cc

These charitable projects are great to do as an entire family and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Through the Big-Hearted Families website, have your children pick their own projects from the category list—Advocate: Peace, Justice + Social Action, Donate: Charitable Giving + Fun Fundraisers, Adopt Holiday Traditions, etc. Before the year is through, your children may learn about the power of speaking up, the role money plays in doing good, and the importance of celebrating and maintaining cultural traditions.

2. ECHOage Birthday Party

3 Ways Kids Can Give Back During the Holidays A Noelle Chelsea's Blog

Photo: courosa via Flickr cc

ECHOage is an online birthday party service that allows kids to get gifts and give to a charity of their choice. Start by personalizing your child’s online party invitation, and then choose the gift and a charity partner. Half of the money contributed by the party guests will go toward the gift purchase, the other half to the charity. The organizations partnered with ECHOage include Because I am a Girl, Alliance for Children’s Rights, and Books for Africa.

3. Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter 

3 Ways Kids Can Give Back During the Holiday Season Animal Shelter A Noelle Chelsea's Blog

Photo: imagerymajestic

Call your local animal shelter ahead of time (or check VolunteerMatch.org) to see if they are in need of assistance. Many shelters will welcome extra help with feeding and cleaning up after the animals. Make sure to ask the animal shelter if they have any particular rules or age requirements for volunteering.

Photo: Theeradech Sanin


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