New This Month: Factual and Fictional Animals Help Make Kids Better Readers

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We’re having a wonderful start to the new school year! This week, we have the pleasure of sharing a post by Reading Rainbow Mom Jenni Buchanan on the benefits of having animal friends (both factual and fictional) in your quest to raise better readers: “studies have shown that children who have trouble learning to read benefit from reading out loud to their pets.” Looking ahead to October’s Bullying Prevention Month, Mom Psych Gina Savoia Stepp tells us how it all “begins at home” and shares important tips to helping kids practice constructive social skills before they ever set foot onto the playground. Finally, FitNFun4Kids offers five healthy solutions to those after-school munchies!

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We are very pleased with all the great responses we’ve been getting on Twitter from new guest contributors! Thank you so much! We are always eager to welcome new volunteers and writers, so please don’t hesitate to contact our blog admin and managing editor: anvavia [at] gmail [dot] com. Or send us a tweet @ChelseaBeacon #ChelseaVolunteer.

Open volunteer positions: writer/blogger, fact-checker, proofreader

Photo: Sarah C. O’Neill

The Big Disconnect by Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD

The Big Disconnect Catherine Steiner-Adair Chelsea's Blog

It’s the book that everyone is talking about: Catherine Steiner-Adair’s insight into the effects of technology on families, especially children. She calls it the “Tech Effect” and explains how it puts children’s development at risk.

Excerpt: About fifteen years ago I began getting calls to visit schools and talk with young parent groups about raising children of character. Parents were deeply worried that a breakdown in cultural norms, growing consumerism, cynicism and crass entertainment, overscheduled lives, and an increasing pressure for competitive success in school were shortchanging their children’s moral development. Since screens, tech, and online access became commonplace in children’s lives, the calls now come from parents and teachers of children as young as preschool age, alarmed at the extent to which children’s screen play or online lives are affecting their learning, their social and emotional development, their family interactions, and their school communities. Teachers share their concerns about the subtle but pervasive ways they see tech impinging on the school experience: four-year-olds who want to imitate computer games on the playground and hesitate to play with blocks or peruse books; elementary school children who struggle to problem-solve and who depend on adults to help them with the simplest tasks; high school students who struggle with any assignment requiring more than shallow attention and prefer a virtual tour of a museum to a field trip to see the real thing…

Stay tuned for Gina Savoia Stepp’s upcoming book review of The Big Disconnect: Parenting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age!

September Lineup

Top 5 Nutritious After-School Snacks by FitNFun4Kids

Top 5 Nutritious After-School Snacks by FitNFun4Kids

With Factual and Fictional Animal Friends Help Your Child Become a Better Reader by Jenni Buchanan

With Factual and Fictional Animal Friends, Help Your Child Become a Better Reader by Jenni Buchanan

Bullying Prevention Begins at Home by Gina Savoia Stepp

Bullying Prevention Begins at Home by Gina Savoia Stepp

Featured Writer: Pamela “Pam” Humbargar

In a nutshell—mother, artist, writer…

As a writer, I am pleased to have been able to contribute to Chelsea’s Beacon and the enchanting world Castle Land offers our children.

All children are born with an instinctive desire to explore life and to then re-create their experiences. From the moment children learn the rudiments of a language, they will use it to tell stories that interpret their world; once they are given a crayon they will make marks to help explain their stories; and once they learn how marks can represent words—they will start to write down their stories…

Continue reading…

Featured Artist: Judy Kay Merryman Cowan

My passion for art and creativity was greatly influenced by my late Grandmother Alice. She helped me with my first oil painting when I was in junior high school, where I won second place at a fair. Through the years, I have challenged myself by trying different art forms. One of my avenues has been in handpainting my own black and white photos. I would shoot the photo in black and white, and then physically paint them (not digital) by hand with special oil paints…

Continue reading…

"Pieces of Me" by Judy Kay Merryman Cowan

“Pieces of Me” by Judy Kay Merryman Cowan


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