New This Month: Get Ready to Go Back to School!

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We are well into August, and it’s time for older kids to start preparing for school while younger children Get Ready for Kindergarten! This month, Chelsea has a few musical activities that you can enjoy with your kids, as you get them pumped for the new school year.

cropped-chelsea-usep.jpgChelsea’s Blog Volunteer Opportunities!

Yes, we are still on the lookout for some bright and eager helpers to assist with our blogging efforts! Our Team needs help with the following: writing articles, fact checking, editing, proofreading, managing social media, etc.

Contact our blog admin for more info: anvavia [at] gmail [dot] com. Or send us a tweet @ChelseaBeacon #volunteer.

Photo: Sarah C. O’Neill

Happiness Doesn’t Come from Headstands by Tamara Levitt

The Chelsea Blog team has a wonderful new book to share with parents and educators! Tamara Levitt’s Happiness Doesn’t Come from Headstands tells the story of a girl who learns that happiness is not determined by external achievements and that even in the face of failure, peace can be found. This book explores themes, such as acceptance, resilience, and compassion.

Author and teacher Tamara Levitt has a simple philosophy for parents and educators: teach your kids it’s okay to fail. By learning how to accept, learn, and rise from failure, they’ll reach the home plate on their own.

Tamara Levitt is the founder of Begin Within, a company that creates and develops books, apps, videos, film and television properties to offer new wisdom and new solutions for today’s world. Begin Within’s mission is to help people find “the calm within the chaos” in their everyday lives, by entertaining, educating and empowering individuals. For more information about Tamara and her work, visit

August Lineup

Kids Need to Know About Home Security by The Resist Attack Foundation

Kids Need to Know About Home Security by The Resist Attack Foundation

Musical Activities for Kids by A. Noelle

Musical Activities for Kids by A. Noelle

A Reminder from Trayvon: One Mom's Story by Cindy McKay, USEP-OHIO

A Reminder from Trayvon: One Mom’s Story by Cindy McKay, USEP-OHIO

Featured Writer: Jennie Glasgow — Bee a Buckler

The “Bee a Buckler” Safety Program is a nonprofit educational program, tax-exempt under IRS Code 501(c)(3), to educate the public about the importance of using safety belts, the correct use of child safety seats and booster seats, and other safe driving practices.

Started in 1969 by Jennie Glasgow to educate the girls in her Girl Scout Troop in Atlanta (Sandy Springs), Georgia, the program quickly mushroomed throughout the state and across the nation, and Clubs have been formed in five other countries: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and England.

Recipient of numerous awards and citations, the program was cited as the “pioneer in safety belt education” by the National Safety Council; the “first safety belt education program in the nation” by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; and awarded the prestigious “World Traffic Safety” Award in 2002. Now in its 40th year, the program continues to provide assistance and guidance for establishing occupant protection programs, by using all volunteers.

For assistance in implementing a school or community project this fall, contact Jennie Glasgow, Founder/Coordinator:

“Bee a Buckler” Safety Program
P. O. Box 76722
Atlanta (Sandy Springs), Georgia 30328

Phone: 770/393-3136


Featured Artist: Michelle Hoogveld

Today, you will learn from Michelle that she is a professional artist. But when we met her, she was a student at Lynn University.

Michelle was one of the first to volunteer with The Chelsea Foundation. Hers was the first donation of art that we received. We opened the box and saw an acrylic abstract. The paperwork that accompanied it was entitled “Playful Thoughts!” We were wowed by the simple beauty of what we were looking at, but mystified by the title. It was then that a visiting 10-year-old saw the feet and announced, “It is a pool of water; see the feet!” She was right, and we marveled, again, as the title made perfect sense…

Find out more about Michelle by visiting her website.

Michelle Hoogveld Featured Artist Chelsea Blog



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