Free iPad Math Games for Summer Vacation

Parents, make sure their summer break isn’t a break from learning! The Chelsea Foundation brings you new and helpful app suggestions from ClassTechTips to keep your children busy this summer!

By Monica Burns,


Free iPad Math Games for Summer Vacation Monica Burns Chelsea's Blog 2

The shift to the Common Core Learning Standards means increased rigor and higher expectations for student academic achievement. Children are expected to speak about what they have learned, use math vocabulary and tools, in addition to mastering the basics.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to supplement your child’s education with fun and engaging games. The iTunes Store is full of free iPad apps to help kids practice math skills. From fluency to symmetry, here are a few of my favorite free iPad games to keep your children busy this summer!

Students of all ages need to be fast with their math facts in order to be successful. You no longer need to buy a stack of index cards and create your own practice deck. Three great math fact apps for virtual flashcards are FlashToPass, My Math Flash Cards, and Math Flash Cards*. These will help your children practice addition, subtraction, division and multiplication facts.

There are lots of apps for math fluency but Math vs. Zombies has to be one of the most engaging ones! Students use math facts to turn zombies back into people in this fast moving, sharply illustrated math fluency game. It’s a great app for changing up your skill and drill flashcard routine!

If you’re looking for a fun, free app for practicing place value you have to try Math Bugs. Perfect for identifying place value to the thousands place, students will create bugs with the number of attenteas, wings, etc., dictated by the place value of the digits in the number presented. This app is easy to use and great for younger children.

Tiny Chicken Learns Rounding is a free app from Tap to Learn where students practice how to round multi digit numbers. Fun and simple, this app reinforces a single skill that elementary school students need to master.

An app I love for having students draw symmetrical figures is Grid Drawing for Kids Lite. Full of puzzles for children to solve, this fantastic free app is perfect for practicing symmetry!

Chicken Coop Fractions Game quizzes children on converting fractions to decimals. With a countdown clock, students will need to work fast to solve each problem.

iTooch by eduPad is a platform that gives students lots of choices for practicing math! The free starter version has skill-based questions with content for students ages 8-11. Your children will love the simple interface, lesson details (with vocabulary!) and scratchpad to work out their answers.

The free Graphs app is great for test prep and continuing math practice over summer vacation. Students can answer questions based on bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish is a great game for young children who need practice with mental addition and subtraction. Bright and colorful, this app will keep children engaged all summer!

Tangrams are a great way to make geometry work hands-on and engaging for students. This ancient game can help children learn properties of polygons and angles while problem solving. Here are a few free Tangram apps: TanZen, Tangrams Lite, Tangram XL.

Monica Burns is a NYC educator, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Monica has presented to teachers, administrators and tech-enthusiasts at numerous Apple Education events. She is a webinar host for SimpleK12 and Accelerated Literacy Learning and a regular contributor to Edutopia, appoLearning and NJ Education Now. Monica is passionate about using technology to align her instruction to the Common Core!

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