New This Month: Chelsea’s Summer Splash – Water Safety!

Chelsea’s Announcements & Updates

Summer is fast approaching, and the Chelsea Blog team is looking for new recruits! We are in need of a few bright and ambitious volunteers, willing to help us out with our blogging efforts: writing articles, fact checking, editing, proofreading, managing social media, etc. Contact our blog admin for more info: anvavia [at] gmail [dot] com.

June Lineup

Top 5 Water Safety Tips by The Resist Attack Foundation

Dad, Tell Your Stories by USEP-OHIO,
When a Single Parent Means No Dad – A Personal View by Thery McKinney

Flag Day: Why Dedicate A Day To The US Flag? by Kathleen O’Malley Brown

Castle Land Features

Featured Writer: Wendy Carrothers

Nature Open Its Doors! (short story)


One of his messages had been, “Mother Nature will soon open her doors!” Mickey was so little then that Julie was sure that he did not know what his words meant, but he sure did enjoy sharing his messages with all who were on the island.

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Featured Artist: Wanta Davenport

Image: Courtesy of Wanta Davenport

Image: Courtesy of Wanta Davenport


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