New This Month: Chelsea Stays Safe and Eco-Aware This May

Chelsea’s Announcements & Updates

Special Mother’s Day Mention

Chelsea would like to take a moment to recognize all the wonderful mothers who continue to follow our blog and share the Castle Land stories and lessons with their children. We wish you plenty of joy and love this Mother’s Day!

Special Mothers Day Mention Chelsea Foundation Blog

Photo: stockimages

A Note on Last Month’s April Fools’ Prank

Last month, eager to partake in April Fools’ Day frivolity, we announced that Chelsea would be retiring from the blog. We hope our readers will now realize: that is absolutely not the case. The Chelsea Foundation blogging team has no plans to retire the blog anytime soon. We are, however, in need of dedicated writers and fact checkers. Please, send in your pitches and ideas to anvavia [at] gmail [dot] com.

May Lineup

Tuning In To The Earth by USEP-OHIO

Distracted Driving: 5 Tips to Keep Them Safe by P. Humbargar

What to Teach Your Kids About Being Safe by James Shaw

Castle Land Features

Featured Writer: Lisa Aggarwal

Lucy’s Game (short story)

Soccer is a great choice in sports to get physically fit. And it isn’t just for boys!


Lucy is nine years old. Her favorite sport is soccer. She’s been playing soccer since she was five years old, starting out with a regulation #3 ball, 23-24 inches in circumference that weighs between 11-12 ounces. She is looking forward to playing with a #4 ball…

Read more…

Featured Artist: Wanda Dansereau

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