New This Month: Chelsea To Retire From Blogging

Chelsea’s Announcements & Updates

Sadly, due to a lack of reliable blog contributors and exceptional articles, the Chelsea Foundation’s blogging team is forced to shut down Chelsea’s Blog. Up until now, we have been pleased to provide parents, guardians, and educators with helpful resources meant to assist in building and cementing meaningful relationships with our nation’s youth. We thank all our readers for their support to our cause, and we regret that we must now put an end to our blogging efforts.

If you wish to lend your assistance to our blogging team in order to keep Chelsea’s Blog alive, please feel free to contact our blog admin and managing editor, A. Noelle: anvavia [at] gmail [dot] com.

April Lineup

Safety Facts Your Children Should Be Taught by James Shaw of The Resist Attack Foundation

Protecting Your Child From Food Allergy Bullying by Thery McKinney

Spring Fever and April Fools! by P. Humbargar

Castle Land Features

Featured Writer: Wendy Carrothers

Pirate Spencer and His First Mate Stinky (short story)

Spencer and Stinky go on a treasure hunt!


“I was in my boat driving around the island when I saw the dangerous Captain Bluebird standing underneath a tree. I did not want him to see me, so I took my boat to the other side of the island. Curiosity took hold of me, and I docked my boat and walked around the island to see what he was doing. There underneath a coconut tree, I saw him bury something…”

Race Car Driver Spencer and the Amazing Captain Stinky (short story)

This is the story about Race Car Driver Spencer and the Amazing Captain Stinky…


The crowd all seemed to hold their breath, waiting to see who would win. Gorman was one step away from crossing the finish line when…

Featured Artist: John Nelson

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We sincerely hope that you take our above jest in good cheer, as our editor enjoys playing the occasional prank. We, the Chelsea Foundation blogging team, have no plans to retire anytime soon. But we are in need of more dedicated writers and fact checkers! Please, send in your pitches and ideas to anvavia [at] gmail [dot] com.


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