Speak Now – You Must


This brief Parent Tip is provided at no cost by United Services for Effective Parenting-Ohio, Inc. as a tool to assist parents, teachers, grandparents, and all who help to care for and to raise our children. For more information on this and other tools from USEP-OHIO refer to the conclusion of this Parent Tip.



Dear Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Care-givers, and Leaders,

Recent events have caused us to take another look at how we are doing as a nation, as parents and leaders providing a healthy setting for our children to grow and learn, and for all of us to thrive. We hear wrangling and distrust in Washington and unique frustration among citizens and leadership groups alike all over the country. Perhaps recent events have finally thrust us into a place where we are forced to look again at how we interact and whether it is possible for us to work together as a nation that cares—listening to citizens who care enough to be truly involved. The confluence of angry words and refusals to work together with tragedies give us a new chance to see it clearly.

Bullying is easy for us to see when it involves children on the playground or the Internet, but that is what I see and hear from some who have been honored with leadership in our country. We trust too much that we are being heard. Cooperation requires listening and a deep commitment to honor and respect for divergent opinions. The anger we often hear pouring from the mouths of those we consider honored leaders could tear our country apart from the top. There is room for all and a blending of their opinions. We must be heard in ways other than the loudest and angriest protests and demands. The “gotcha attitude” and constant reaction to opinion only defeats progress. We can change this. Simple respect and the honored tradition of compromise, choosing to blend ideas of each side of every debate, make progress possible! We are needed to thoughtfully participate as stewards of budgets and programs, not only in national elections.

I hope that each of us, in all situations in life, will choose to be part of the change, returning to the table in every setting! Whether it is at your neighborhood meeting or school board, the city council or county commission, State legislature or Congress—please, urge everyone to be a part of the decision-making; not to defeat one another but to be committed to compromise, offering a blending of the needs of all in order to make positive change.

We are needed and can be powerful agents for change and to protect the future for our children. But first, we must listen and learn about all sides of issues that affect our lives and our nation’s future! Listen without judgment; read to learn; speak for compromise!

-Listen before it is too late. Be willing and anxious to compromise.

-Participate in the discussion, modeling caring and respect!

-Contact leadership, offering your opinions in respectful ways. But be heard! We cannot afford to simply sit back and allow others to do the work for us. Call, email, and attend!

We invite you to share this USEP-OHIO publication with other parents, students, and professional at home or work. You have permission to copy Tips as written, send on as email, or print for a newsletter or handout. Email us at usepohio@usepohio.com to add email addresses to our list, to give us feedback about how the information works for you, or for other topics, publications, and programs see www.usep-ohio.com. — Cindy Mckay, Executive Director


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