Five Ways to Promote Learning

Written by Jennie Lobato,

We are happy to have founder and CEO of drawchange, Inc. Jennie Lobato write a guest post for us this week. Jennie first became involved in the public arts at the age of thirteen when she was involved in the painting of a city mural. Soon thereafter, she was given the opportunity to lead a team of “at-risk” children through the development of another inner city mural. After seeing the immediate impact the project made in their lives, she knew her destiny of helping children with art awaited. Today, she joins “drawchange” with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a perfect understanding of why children need art.

Image: Stuart Miles

There are many fun ways to encourage learning in your child. Methods vary from asking them what they learned at school to visiting art museums, creating art together, and playing games. We hope you will try one or all of these methods!

1. Play Games – Many games help children improve their memory, concentration, problem-solving, and social skills. Point out what they are doing well while you’re playing. Talk about how they can use some of the same skills in real life.

2. Go to the Library – Pick up a calendar of events from your local library. Most libraries have story times or other free educational activities for children.

3. Keep a Scrapbook – Create a scrapbook together on a subject that interests your child, such as animals, cars, places they’d like to go to, history, etc.

4. Create Art! – Studies show the direct correlation between art expression and improved school grades. Pull the “art caddy” out on the weekends, and have fun together.

5. Become Their Teacher – You can inspire your child’s brain. You can count the number of houses, black cars, bicycles, etc. that you pass as you drive; search for letters, numbers, or colors on the restaurant menu. When you are going to use a gum-ball machine, hold out a handful of coins, and explain the differences – and that the machine will only take the quarter. Fun and learning are everywhere if you just use your creativity!

These are five ways to make learning fun, and by doing it together, it will only make your relationship with your son or daughter that much more powerful. Have fun!


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