Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Book!

Written by A. Noelle

Image: Ambro

This year’s Mother’s Day lands on Sunday, May 13 – the final day of Children’s Book Week! So, it’s a great time for mothers to celebrate books and the joys of reading with their children, as they in turn celebrate the wonderful women who gave birth to them.

The Children’s Choices List

Parents can download the Children’s Choices list, an annual, cosponsored project of the Children’s Book Council (CBC) and the International Reading Association. Every year, over 12,000 children throughout the nation take the initiative to read and write book reviews for their favorite titles, so parents are sure to find some fun and enjoyable reads!

Here are a few book suggestions for 2012 (Beginning Readers Grades K-2):

Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting

Because by Richard Torrey

Pirates Don’t Take Baths by John Segal

Little Learners Books

These vibrant and interactive books are great reads for babies and toddlers. Launched by Parragon Books, the Little Learners line serves as a helpful guide through the key developmental stages, focusing on different levels of child development throughout the early learning process. The books are designed specifically to stimulate the child’s curiosity about life and language, encouraging education and playful interaction.

The Little Learners Books explore a variety of innovative formats that can help parents to further engage with their children, such as “snuggly cloth books, stroller books, ‘slide and see’ play [books], bath books, and finger [puppet books].” Each book highlights certain key learning concepts with icons to indicate learning functions, such as hand-eye coordination and language development.

Here are a few titles from the Parragon website:

Animals and Words Baby’s First Buggy Books

Colours Touch and Feel Board Book

Finger Puppet Book: The Dog I Love Best

Story Starters

Parents and their children can check out the Story Starters activity on the Children’s Book Week website and create some exciting endings for the stories that have been started by some great authors! It’s a great way for mothers to introduce their children to the art of storytelling. If the children enjoy the activity, parents can have them start off the bedtime stories before they go to sleep – or tell the entire story on their own!

Here are a few story starters:

“There once lived a rather timid turtle named…”

“Many years ago, in a distant land called…”

“One day, I was walking home when I came upon…”

For more information about Children’s Book Week from the Children’s Book Council (CBC), click here.

I you would like to see a wider selection of Little Learners Books from the Parragon website, click here.



  1. p. humbargar

    Story starters are such a great way for children to exercise their imaginations….Many years ago, I remember telling my (then preschool) son about the “talking squirrel who visited our cat, up in the attic, after we were asleep”…and… wow…so many unexpected and unique ideas, and new storylines he came up with over the next few months from this simple story starter…I wish I had written them all down!
    I do believe that storytelling is a gift children may be born with, so, as parents and educators, let’s encourage this natural ability, and give them those “story starters”…there’s no telling where it will lead…the sky’s the limit!

  2. “I wish I had written them down!” I have said the same thing about the many songs my son made up as he was going to sleep at night at the age of six. Wisdom is hearing the regret in the speakers voice and acting on it, doing better than we did; I wish I had at least written down the better ones.

    When it comes to the going to bed conversations in general, today I would take advantage of all the different kind of recording devices that are available. Out of the mouths of babes can come some of the greatest wisdom and such could work to inspire the child when older–telling my son today something he said when four or five–he doesn’t believe me–he doesn’t believe he could have said something so profound at such a young age–“All policeman should get a raise!”

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