Castle Land’s Featured Author: Wendy!

Written by the Castle Land Writing Team’s Cassie the mouse

Edited by A. Noelle

Wendy Carrothers

Our author, Wendy Carrothers, is often found sharing stories from Castle Land or retelling a few of her own in the classroom.

We decided to ask Wendy about what inspired her to become an author. She told us that she never consciously set out to write stories; but as a child, she and others would make up stories, write them down, and then read them to each other over a camp fire.

Wendy gives credit to her amazing high school English teacher, Mrs. Landes. We were told that Mrs. Landes spent the school year teaching Wendy and her classmates how to think beyond what they witnessed with their eyes.

As a fan of Wendy, Chelsea enjoys reading any one of her wonderful poems. We all love how well she can weave a poem like “Lucky Day!” out of the few words that we provide. Again, she credits Mrs. Landes for introducing her to poetry. One particular school project had Wendy not only reading the works of almost 100 different poets but also explaining what their poems meant.

In college, Wendy used writing as a way to express her fears and hopes with regards to her future.

Wendy told us that becoming an aunt in her twenties inspired her to write stories. She thought that maybe writing personal stories for her nephew, Spencer, with him as the main protagonist, would make him feel as special as he was to her.

Wendy now lives in Canada, where she enjoys canoeing and snowboarding.


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